The Benefits of Using Promotional Products in Your Business Marketing

Marketing your business with promotional products is a great way to gain exposure for your business and increase sales. All different kinds of businesses are using promotional products to stand out from the competition. Promotional products are easy to acquire and give to others, and businesses that successfully implement them into their marketing plan can expect to see many benefits as a result.

What Are Promotional Products?

Promotional products are useful items that contain a company’s name, logo, message, or offer somewhere on the item. Chances are good that if you look around you at this very moment, you will find a pen or calendar that has the name of a business printed on it. The number of items you can use as promotional products is limitless, and their versatility makes them easy to implement into any marketing strategy. Here are some common items used as promotional products:

  • Coffee mugs
  • Tote bags
  • Hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Tee shirts
  • Water bottles

These items can all be used as a way to advertise a business, and they are excellent tools for bringing in more revenue while increasing brand recognition. It has been proven over and over throughout history that promotional products work. In fact, the earliest known promotional product was a button made for George Washington’s campaign in the election of 1789. His campaign was a success, and promotional products slowly began to catch on. Today, they have produced such great results that virtually no successful business is without them.

Who Uses Promotional Products?

The short answer to this question is: everyone. Both large and small businesses use promotional products, and if your business does not currently use them, it is time to start thinking about the impact that they could potentially have on your long term success. In fact, small businesses stand to benefit more from using promotional products than larger companies, due to the fact that larger companies already have plenty of brand name recognition.

However, large businesses don’t drop promotional products once they’ve hit it big. Brand names such as McDonald’s and Burger King continue to use promo product marketing strategies to rope in their consumers with collectible toys that can only be acquired by purchasing a meal at their business. Many offices are frequently seen with a large Staples button that promotes the massive office supply store. Whether your business is small, large, or somewhere in between, it can benefit from the use of promotional products.The fact of the matter is that people love getting free stuff. Giving away items with your brand name or logo on them will get people excited and help increase your exposure. A study by L.J. Market Research found that 52 percent of participants that were given a promotional item ended up doing business with that company. The other 48 percent of participants stated that they would be more likely to do business with that company in the future because of the promotional product they received.

Promotional products can be used in a variety of ways, and that is what makes them such an excellent form of advertising. Some businesses use them in the following manner:

As a form of recognition: Promotional products can be given as gifts within the company to an employee who deserves special recognition for their hard work or to simply boost employee loyalty.

Brand promotion: The obvious use of promotional products is to use them as a way to get your company’s name out there and recognized by others. This can help increase your sales and boost name recognition, which can lead to many other benefits.

Gifts for current clients: Promotional products make fantastic gifts for current clients whose business you appreciate. Depending on your budget, you can gift them with a higher quality promotional product, so that it stands out from others that are casually handed out. Showing your appreciation for valued customers will make them feel special and increase brand loyalty.

Coupons or special offers: You can also use promo products that have printed coupons or special offers on them. You can create all kinds of different offers that will entice the customer to do business with you and keep them returning to your company.

Raise money for charity: Many businesses partake in fundraising activities within their community to give back to the community and also to promote their brand. They do this by giving out promotional items in gift baskets, or have them laying out on tables for those who attend the event.

Your business can start implementing them immediately by contacting creative firms such as Innovative Marketing & Design that specialize in creating promotional products. With so many different product choices to choose from, these types of firms can help you select the right options for your particular business, and you can see the results firsthand.


Distributing promotional items is the fun part of your marketing strategy, because free items are often well received among customers. Potential prospects usually love getting free items, and this is a great way to break the ice and tell them about your company. Here are a few common ways of distributing promotional products:

Bulk MailingsBulk mailing promo products are one of the most popular ways that businesses use to promote their company, because it is so effective. Direct mail allows companies to place their message and product straight into the potential customer’s hands. In order to be successful, you will need the contact information of these customers, such as their email or home address.

Conferences/Meetings Attending conferences is a common occurrence for businesses who want to make connections with others in their industry. Giving out promotional products at conferences and meetings can help put names to faces and boost your brand recognition.

Special Events Grand openings or special events that your company puts on are a great opportunity to distribute promotional products. You can play games that have them as prizes or simply give them out as party favors at the end of the event.

Trade ShowsTrade shows, expos, and conventions are great ways to distribute your promotional products to all different kinds of customers. Trade shows also allow you to have face-to-face interactions with your potential customers, and giving them promotional products will help them remember you.

Other Distribution Tips:

  • 1Allow prospects to pick their own promotional item from a selection. They will be more likely to use that item if they are the one to choose it.
  • 2If a client is referred to you, reward them with a promotional product to make them feel special and welcomed to your company.
  • 3Avoid using promotional items that have a short shelf-life. This way, there is no hurry to distribute the items, and you can market your business at your own pace.
  • 4Give items that are in-line with your business. For example, if your business sells office supplies, giving out items such as pens and pencil sharpeners will make the customer think of you when they need office supplies.
  • 5 Do not have your logo be prominent on articles of clothing unless it is either very small or has some fun catch-phrase to go along with it. Customers want their own identity and usually don’t want to be a walking billboard.

The Benefits of Promotional Products

There are many ways in which promotional products can benefit your business, no matter how large or small. Here are some of the ways that implementing promotional products into your marketing strategy can ultimately benefit you:

Inexpensive Advertising Solution

Advertising services these days can be expensive, but many businesses think that they have no choice but to plug in ads for the radio or buy a time slot on the television to promote themselves. Promotional products are a much cheaper option to advertise your business and, in many cases, they can be a lot less expensive than the alternatives. Being able to reach large amounts of people with a tight budget is good news for any entrepreneur looking to get their business off the ground. Even with a tight budget, the successful companies such as Xerox make sure to factor promotional products into the annual budget.

edge in competition

While most businesses are using promotional products these days, any business that isn’t will fall behind the curve. You can even edge your way ahead of the competition by using promotional products in more creative ways than other businesses. There is no limit to your creation when it comes to promo products.

boosted sales numbers

Promotional products have been proven to increase a business’s sales and increase a business’s revenue. When companies give out promotional products, they are helping to spread awareness of their business in a manner that is much more effective than television or radio ads. Products that are of use to clients will allow them to recall that particular business and consider contacting them for future services.

alternative business card

Business cards, flyers, and other paper products that give details about your business are likely to be ignored and thrown away. However, tangible products such as pens and notepads serve a purpose while also promoting your business. Magnets are popular items to hand out because clients are able to view the information every day if they put it on their refrigerators at home and the information is easily accessible. Handing out these products is similar to handing out business cards, except they are more likely to be examined further, and all businesses should take advantage of this.

flexible to fit any theme

You can order holiday promotional products that have Christmas or Halloween themes to make your promo products even more exciting. Holiday-inspired promotional products are popular because many customers are excited over the holiday season and are more likely to spend more around this time. There are also options to match your business if it has specific colors or a mascot of some kind. These products can be flexible to fit any theme and be used at any time you desire.

testing new products

Promotional products don’t have to be simple keychains or Frisbees. They can also be a product made specifically from your company that you would like clients to test for you. This way, clients can give your business feedback so that you can improve the product to make it better and more competitive within your industry. To do this, you can provide a questionnaire for the client to fill out after testing the product. Make sure that you offer a free promotional gift as a reward for helping you craft a better product or service.

Inexpensive Advertising Solution

Advertising services these days can be expensive, but many businesses think that they have no choice but to plug in ads for the radio or buy a time slot on the television to promote themselves. Promotional products are a much cheaper option to advertise your business and, in many cases, they can be a lot less expensive than the alternatives. Being able to reach large amounts of people with a tight budget is good news for any entrepreneur looking to get their business off the ground. Even with a tight budget, the successful companies such as Xerox make sure to factor promotional products into the annual budget.

The Items Are Useful to Potential Customers

Products that are useful to potential customers are more likely to be held on to instead of tossed in the trash. If the items are particularly useful to clients, they will view your business in a more favorable light, and this will make them more likely to seek out your services in the future. Choose promotional items such as pens, magnets, and bag clips that are useful and gender neutral. This way, you can give them out at most functions, and they can be used by everyone.

Promotional Products as Effective Marketing Tools

From pens to water bottles, promotional products are everywhere, these days, and it’s no secret why. Adopting promotional products into marketing strategies is a smart idea for both large and small businesses to help grow their company. Promotional products have many benefits, such as increasing brand exposure and giving away fun gifts to clients that help boost your company’s image. Using promotional products is essentially an inexpensive form of advertising, and distributing products at conventions and trade shows can help increase sales. With its proven success, using promotional products is something that every business should take advantage of.


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