Best Seasonal Promotional Products – 10 Summer Favorites

Spring is in the air, and lazy summer days will be here before you know it. Beach vacations, golf outings, picnics and cookouts, summer sports, and all types of outdoor activities are on the verge of their annual breakout. Did you know that only 20% of product recipients keep cutesy promo freebies, but a whopping 75% keep useful ones? When you plan your summer promo giveaways, remember that the greater the frequency of use, the less cost to you per impression. To get you thinking, here are 10 popular summer promo items that people use again and again. Branded Beach … Continue reading

10 Sure-Fire Ways Promotional Products Really Work Based on Research

10 Sure-Fire Ways Promotional Products Really Work Based on Research Promotional products have been used in the United States since the 1789 election of the first President, George Washington. Last year, industry sales hit a record-breaking $21.5 billion, the sixth year in a row of growth. It’s safe to say that history has proven the effectiveness of promotional products as sales tools for over 225 years. If you still don’t believe that giving away freebies leads to higher sales, keep reading. Here are ten research-based, statistically backed benefits of promotional products, compiled by Promotional Products Association International, that may have … Continue reading

How to “Be the Change” This Election Year and Remain Positive

How to “Be the Change” This Election Year and Remain Positive It’s that time again. Every four years, American voters have an opportunity to make their voices heard via nationwide elections for President. This year, 34 Senate Seats and all 435 House seats in the U.S. Congress are also up for election. This particular election cycle has stirred fervor around many hot-button political issues. Emotions are high, and no candidate is a shoo-in. Now is the perfect time for you or your organization to throw your efforts behind a particular candidate’s ideology and be the change you wish to see … Continue reading

Improving Productivity

Successful firms have several strategies for creating successful employees and business relationships. Creating a company culture that promotes teamwork, proper work-life balance, and a passion for their brand both improves productivity and dedication on the part of workers. It’s important that they feel the business and its goals and products are with them and are a deeper part of their life. All of this isn’t just for your employees, but your customers, who will benefit most from a passionate employee. The case for promotionals can be seen in the improvements in employee productivity and retainment when put into practice appropriately. … Continue reading

Benefits of Promotional Products

Let’s face it: Marketing is hard, and choosing the most effective, affordable, and meaningful products can be a challenge for anyone. Businesses and marketing professionals alike are often struggling to find the best possible way to either acquire new customers, reward employees, or simply get the brand exposed. In a world with constant advertising and a bombardment of ads coming from all over, it takes a keen eye to look for new and innovative ways to build brand loyalty and spread awareness of the company goals and culture. It’s the difference between a somebody and a nobody, and it can … Continue reading