Develop a Brand That Breaks Through the Deafening Silence

What it means to be a household brand seems an elusive ideal. However, it can be done. Look at Google: They’ll tell you so. It seems the secret to maintaining relevance is to build a brand with meaning. A brand is more than just words. For people to pay attention to you they have to love you. Literally. A brand name is there to stand for your company and its ideas and products. In order to create the intangible something for your brand, you need to break with the old and come into the new. Therefore, start off a new … Continue reading

Developing Brand Identity

One of the most important parts of your business is your brand. It defines who you are, and it needs to be carefully developed to ensure that it authentically reflects your company. You need to decide how you want to be perceived by people, and highlight what sets you apart from your competitors. A creative and strong brand will keep your customers loyal and happy, and this is crucial to a business’s success. Here are some things to consider when developing your brand identity. The Physical Aspect The physical and visual part of your brand is arguably the most important, … Continue reading