Develop a Brand That Breaks Through the Deafening Silence

brand What it means to be a household brand seems an elusive ideal. However, it can be done. Look at Google: They’ll tell you so. It seems the secret to maintaining relevance is to build a brand with meaning. A brand is more than just words. For people to pay attention to you they have to love you. Literally. A brand name is there to stand for your company and its ideas and products.

In order to create the intangible something for your brand, you need to break with the old and come into the new. Therefore, start off a new year by breaking those old habits. Toss old technologies and come into a future where the customer can have a conversation with you.

In today’s society, individuals are constantly bombarded with messages, and the impressive human brain is constantly sorting through all of this information, storing what’s relevant, and discarding what isn’t. The value that a brand offers simply gets diluted under this barrage of information. Due to this new reality, companies have been driven to search for new ways to not just generate awareness of their brand but to engage directly with the customer in order to make themselves memorable.

Brand Authenticity

Everyone likes a good story. However, no one likes a fairytale that poses as reality. When telling your brand’s story you must reflect real brand values, the realities of your company, and the true representation of your business. Customers want to know not only what your brand is, but also who works for it and how they are striving to improve the bigger picture. Any business is a commodity, so you have to show yourself as being more than that.

Customers have continually showed a strong preference for traditional, value-driven brands that express their messages honestly over those who put shiny packaging around themselves to hide the truth. Just look at Volkswagen, if you need proof. You need to bring honest meaning to your brand.


 Brands Should Offer an Experience

While being authentic is one of the pillars of today’s marketing world, it’s also important to offer your clients abundant opportunities to engage with your brand. All companies want to create an ongoing relationship with their customers to help ensure their continued loyalty; however, doing so is a tricky balance. Companies must be proactive in pursuing engaged customers in conversation and relationship.

As more and more brands are striving to interest their customers on a deeper level than just an interaction with their packaging, the demand for more creative engagements has exploded. Customers are continually demanding to be more inspired, more entertained, and more emotionally hooked, and, with the spread of social media, they are getting their wish like never before.

Content creation has been democratized with social media, which means that to keep up, brands have to not just create raw content, but also an environment that helps make sense of the brand and the message for consumers. Recently, these immersion efforts have led to increased visual and augmented realities that allow consumers to participate in and help shape their own brand experiences. Even the smallest businesses can now directly communicate with their audience.


Even though it can be tempting to design blow-out visuals and unforgettable logos to cater to the ever-increasing consumer requirements, sometimes less is more. Creating branding with streamlined simplicity speaks to your consumer on more than just an aesthetic level. Showing them an understated design speaks of a calm and collected brand, one which is not shouting from the mountain tops that it is the best, but is instead concerning itself with the needs of the customers.

Remember, it is still the message and not the medium that carries the most weight in marketing. The more immediately you can help your audience understand your product, the better. We live in a world where marketing has effectively created a wall of white noise. It is now the job of marketers everywhere to break through this wall.

One great way to do this is by going back to basics. Simple, easy to understand messages are the backbone of advertising. If your customers do not understand what they are buying, how can you ever expect to engage them on any meaningful level?

By humanizing your brand and conducting your marketing like a conversation with consumers, you are showing that you understand human connection. It is this key element of human connection and conversation that will create a strong emotional bond with your customers and keep them loyal to you for years to come.

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