Develop a Brand That Breaks Through the Deafening Silence

What it means to be a household brand seems an elusive ideal. However, it can be done. Look at Google: They’ll tell you so. It seems the secret to maintaining relevance is to build a brand with meaning. A brand is more than just words. For people to pay attention to you they have to love you. Literally. A brand name is there to stand for your company and its ideas and products. In order to create the intangible something for your brand, you need to break with the old and come into the new. Therefore, start off a new … Continue reading

Does Your Promotional Swag Bag Have Swagger?

It is not news that when you go to a conference or a trade show you come home with new ideas, new inspirations, and a whole lot of new stuff. The swag bag trend is now so ubiquitous that conference goers will be disappointed if they aren’t handed something at your booth. Therefore, in an effort to keep up with the Joneses, many companies carelessly assemble their conference swag and hope that it will generate buzz. Don’t be like them! A boring bag filled with run of the mill trinkets may not make it further than the next garbage can. … Continue reading