Successful Tradeshow Tips

tradeshow exhibition It’s always difficult to make your brand stand out among rows and rows of booths that are seemingly all the same. Trade shows are the perfect place to make yourself known and to make new connections. If you’re willing to invest the time and money, it can make all the difference in how successful your next event will be. Here are some essentials to keep in mind when planning a trade show event.

Keep Yourself Organized

At trade shows, you’ll need to keep countless business cards, flyers, and other papers organized, not only to look professional, but also to keep all your information easily accessible. You’ll want to plan ahead and organize specific cards and flyers in separate folders, and prepare them at your booth. You always want to be prepared when a potential client asks for information. On the days of the show, you may need anything from badge holders to folders, and it’ll help you look more legitimate if you have customized items as well. For a little more money, you can have an organized and unified-looking booth. Depending on your business, there are transportation or medical themed badge holders, customized business card holders, and USB drives with your company logo on them.

Professional Meeting Place

When discussing your products or services with potential clients, it is important to have a neat and professional place to meet. Many booths include coffee tables and seats or other seating options. There are several ways you can add a personal touch to these areas and make your clients feel more welcomed and comfortable. You could provide small refreshments such as coffee, tea and little snacks. Depending on how you want to present your company, you can prepare anything from customized coffee mugs to tissue packets with your logo on the packaging, as well. Prepare a relatively short and straightforward introduction to your business, beforehand, and have pamphlets ready to show. Your client may have questions and specific inquiries, so make sure you’ve considered all of the possible ones that may come up in the days before. Most importantly, remember to keep this conversation casual but professional. You want people to trust you and be interested, but not be scared away by the lack of sincerity.


Many companies like to draw attention to their booth by giving away customized gifts, which can depend on what you’re trying to sell. Some tech companies may choose to give away phone accessories, while stationery companies can choose to give away personalized paper weights and pens. Usually, in these giveaways, you’ll be handing out dozens, if not hundreds, of items. Therefore, it would be wise to go for cheaper options like pens and keychains that can be as little as less than a dollar each. There is also the option of organizing a game or a raffle to further draw attention to your booth and your brand in general. In this case, you can have prizes of a wide variety, ranging from headphones to customized Bluetooth speakers. This is an easy way to get noticed and draw a crowd to your booth, because who doesn’t like free stuff?

Have a Unique Look

The most important things about your booth is how it looks, because it’ll be the first thing people notice, and it will potentially attract customers. The way you make it look will represent you and your company, so you want to make sure that aesthetically it is an accurate portrayal of who you are. If you are a creative and artsy company, bright colors, lights and other creative decorations could be what you opt for. Tech or gadget companies may want a simpler, more modern look to project a classier vibe. You may choose to include a digital photo frame in the front with a unique slideshow, and place your business cards somewhere visible and accessible to any passersby. Decorating your booth means attention to detail, especially in choosing the signs, colors, banners, and other aspects of the appearance of your area.

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