Improving Productivity

inspiration-1103286_640 Successful firms have several strategies for creating successful employees and business relationships. Creating a company culture that promotes teamwork, proper work-life balance, and a passion for their brand both improves productivity and dedication on the part of workers. It’s important that they feel the business and its goals and products are with them and are a deeper part of their life. All of this isn’t just for your employees, but your customers, who will benefit most from a passionate employee. The case for promotionals can be seen in the improvements in employee productivity and retainment when put into practice appropriately. Their work not only tends to be of a higher quality but also in greater quantity, which feeds back into creating a positive customer experience. This improved experience helps to also retain customers and build their loyalty to the brand. Love breeds love, in this case! As Jamie Doward of the Guardian puts it: “Loyal, passionate employees bring a company as much benefit as loyal, passionate customers. They stay longer, work harder, work more creatively, and find ways to go the extra mile.” He continues, “They bring you more great employees. And that spreads even more happiness — happiness for employees, for customers, and for shareholders.”

Building Brand Passion

While there’s plenty of branded merchandise out there, clever and thoughtful choice makes all the difference in fostering  loyalty. Always ask yourself how relevant the item is and how it might be used. Team-building exercises are a common practice for building stronger emotional relationships between coworkers, but perhaps consider adding some company apparel. Associating positive, emotional experiences with the brand goes a long way toward building their passion for the firm. Involving everyone’s family is another wonderful way to create a positive experience. Company picnics held with branded gear not only provide for a good experience, but bring the passion home to loved ones. Even beach balls and golf equipment can carry the brand to new distances with everyone bringing them home. Remember that nobody wants to be a walking advertisement all of the time, so associating the brand items with certain events is key. Since they’ll be taking these items with them, this will function to promote the brand outside of the activity and the walls of the office.

Reward and Incentivize

Who doesn’t enjoy being recognized? Implementing as a part of your company culture that very notion of recognition gives a better sense of self and purpose, as well as builds loyalty to the firm and brand. These standout employees also serve as a model for the rest of the workforce. In recognition of this excellence, an award or plaque may serve as a commemoration. Not just recognition of excellence, but incentivizing the firm’s employees can go a long way toward building that loyalty. There are any number of incentives available, from monetary bonuses to branded merchandise, and they can be used as a reward in employee of the month type programs.

Employee Engagement and Customer Loyalty

When an employee feels passion for what they’re doing, it shows through. Customers are apt to notice and respond equally as positively toward a brand if they feel as though the business’s representatives feel such a way. Smart marketing with branded items can help reinforce the customer’s and employee’s loyalty, and serve to foster great business relationships on an unconscious level. Employees who are passionate have been shown to be considerably more productive, and the most dedicated even utilize their discretionary time for work-related activities. This all means a better bottom line at the end of the day, and leaves both owner and employee happy. These improved connections further the firm’s reputation as a whole. The best talent and customers are drawn to a recognizable brand that their friends have fallen in love with, and all this is spelled out in higher returns.

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