Marketing with Impact: How to Make Sure Your Promotional Items Are the Ones They Keep

If you currently have a promotional product from a local business hanging out in your home or office, the chances are excellent that it’s part of your everyday life in one way or another. If it’s not something you actually use on a frequent basis – like a pen or a coffee mug – then it’s almost certainly something that you see at least peripherally almost every day – like a refrigerator magnet. If you’re like most people, you can probably name the company associated with that item without thinking about it very hard. That’s the brand recognition power of … Continue reading

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Deciding on a Promotional Product for Your Business

When it comes to effective ways to build brand awareness and strengthen relationships with potential customers, promotional products top the list, and with good reason. Recent research suggests that 40% of customers that keep and use a promotional product they’ve been given within the past 6 months can easily recognize the associated brand again. If those items are kept and used for longer than 6 months, an astonishing 96% of those same customers can recognize the brand. That said, there’s no doubt that promotional products work, making them one of the most important elements to include as part of their … Continue reading

5 Unique Promotional Items That Are Sure to Wow Your Clients

If you’ve got a trade show, fair, or expo coming up and are struggling to come up with a great idea as far as promotional items to bring, you’re far from alone. Lots of business owners are just like you. They want to take advantage of the marketing power promotional items can bring to the table. However, they also want to stand out in a big way. They don’t want to hand out the same generic pens, keychains, t-shirts and coasters every other company will probably be giving away. They need something with impact – something people will use, value, … Continue reading

4 Ways the Right Promotional Products Can Benefit Your Small Business

When you’re the head of a small business, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to making sure your company stands apart from the competition in all the right ways. Of course innovative, original products and services are key. A friendly, attentive approach to customer service is also an absolute must. However, there are few things that are more critical to the success of small and local businesses than a really solid marketing plan. Promotional products are among the most cost-effective, efficient tools a small business owner has at his disposal, making them an essential part of any solid … Continue reading

4 Common Mistakes Nearly Every Business Owner Makes When Choosing Promotional Products

When you’re in charge of a business, it only stands to reason that marketing is a major point of focus, and promotional products are certainly one of today’s most effective ways of reaching a target market. Research suggests that integrating such products into your marketing strategy is one of the best ways to build brand awareness as well, especially for small businesses and local establishments. But what makes some promotional products runaway successes while others fall flat? What really makes the difference between an object a potential customer will see as a keeper and something they’ll see as a piece … Continue reading

The Promotional Products all Small Businesses Should Utilize

As a small business, you are competing with large and small companies constantly. This sometimes makes it hard to break through the sea of products that are constantly being thrown in consumer’s faces. However, for smaller businesses, it is extremely important to stay relevant in the consumer’s mind. Technology and the everyday use of social media created a market that makes promoting your company’s goods and services super easy. With all platforms of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you are easily able to show off the things your company is selling, give customers insider offers, and endorse … Continue reading

Marketing vs. Branding

In the world of small and big business alike, companies use branding and marketing tools to reach audiences and generate sales. But, are these concepts the same idea? Can you have one without the other? What differentiates them from each other? While both marketing and branding are vitally important to companies, they do refer to different practices. However, think of them as two players on the same team. For a successful product, a company will utilize both to reach customers and investors, loyal or potential. So as not to confuse you, we decided to break down what both marketing and … Continue reading

How Media Influencers Can Promote Your Brand

With the onslaught of the way social media rules our world, brands are always coming up with new devices and techniques to go about their way of business. For instance, Dominos took advantage of the popular trend of Emojis, and one is now able to order a pizza using just one of those. But they aren’t the only ones. Ever had a bad experience at Starbucks? All you have to do is turn to Twitter. Sending a tweet about your less-than-stellar coffee will prompt a direct message from their customer service team, and they will handle any issues you have. … Continue reading

Establishing Your Brand

Did you know that about 30 percent of American citizens are entrepreneurs? To clear things up, when we refer to someone as an entrepreneur, this means they own their small business or start-up, or they could even head their own large firm. For all of the mentioned sectors, it is vitally important for each of those to establish their company’s brand. Simply put, a brand is a product that your company manufactures under a particular name. Although an extension of the particular company, a brand is different. Think of your brand as the presentation your consumer sees. This includes the … Continue reading

Branding for Your Small Business

The competition is today’s crowded marketplace. It’s important to make connections as networking can often pave the way for success. But, what is equally important, if not more, is building a trusted brand. You ultimately want a brand that clients and consumers will choose every time over your competitors. Needless to say, this should not be done by badmouthing other brands or any other method that promotes bad business practices. What small and big companies alike have to rely on is branding. A strong brand that creates an impressionable identity is key to the success of your business. Ultimately, you … Continue reading