Ways Promotional Products Can Work for Your Business

sampleimage There are few things that can top the ability of promotional products to attract new clients to your business or service, to increase your brand awareness and grow your business in the long term. We all know you have to spend money to make money. What may not be quite so clear is exactly what we’re supposed to be spending our money on. Spend it on promotional products, that’s what. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way of marketing your company or service to an incredibly large audience, without spending countless man hours to do it, then promotional products are the way to go. Here are some of the ways that quality promotional items can benefit your business: • Creating Lines of Communication Giving a gift or item to someone generally brings out feelings that he or she should reciprocate the kind gesture. When it comes to promotional products, giving someone a gift will frequently encourage him or her to do business with you in the future. Giving out a customized promotional product is a proven way of striking up a conversation with a potential customer. It is a way to “break the ice” and draw someone into a conversation. A person is more likely to listen to your sales pitch if you give him or her something. That’s just a fact of life. • Attracting Attention The popular table at the trade show or convention is the one giving away the free goodies. According to a study done by Exhibit Surveys, Inc., a booth that is giving out customized promotional products has an average increase in trade show traffic of 176%. That’s a nice percentage in anyone’s playbook. • The Advertising Gift that Keeps On Giving Traditional forms of advertising usually run for a set amount of time. A TV ad, for example, may run once a day for a few weeks. A billboard may remain in place for a couple of months. The amount of time a customized promotional product can continue to advertise is varied, with some items having a potential to keep promoting your business or service for a year or more. Think about how often you wear your favorite T-shirt in a year’s time, and how many people saw that shirt while you were wearing it. Or how many people have seen that embroidered jacket you’ve worn for the past two years. The number of times your business logo or message is viewed stops with traditional advertising when the ad stops running. Promotional products are constantly in use, visible to others or being worn around town for all to see. • Increase Recognition of Your Brand If you want potential customers to recognize your brand name, your business slogan, and your logo, then the name of the game has to be repetition. We learned in elementary school that one of the best ways to remember something is to see it over and over and over. With customized promotional products, exponentially increasing your brand recognition is highly possible. • Brand Exposure Like You’ve Never Had Before If you aren’t getting enough brand exposure with your traditional advertising methods, maybe it’s time to try something different. You’ve already figured out that promotional products are the way to go, but exactly which promotional products are best? The answer to that is simple: T-shirts. Think of T-shirts as walking, moving, breathing billboard advertisements for your company. Whether your customers are wearing your T-shirts to the gym, or while they’re out and about town, your brand name and logo is being exposed to hundreds, or even thousands, of people. • Move Beyond a Target Market We all learned how to identify our “target audience” and go after them. What we don’t always stop to consider is the possibility that we’re missing some potential perfect customers because they are outside our current targeting boundaries. The best way to reach these customers on the outskirts of our target area is through promotional products. Items with your brand, slogan, and logo have no demographic or geographic limitations. They are highly mobile – think USB drives, T-shirts, pens – and can reach a huge number of people in a relatively short amount of time. • Spend Money to Make Money The purpose of advertising is to create revenue for your business. As it happens, that’s the same purpose for which promotional products were designed. A study conducted by Baylor University concluded that sales people who utilized customized promotional products did 22% more business than their competitors who didn’t. Who couldn’t use a 22% increase in the return on their investment? What are you waiting for? Contact Innovative Marketing and Design today to get your own customized promotional products.

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