Plastic vs. Canvas: The Battle of the Totes

chambray-foldover-tablet-tote-6 Be honest: how many totes do you currently possess? It hasn’t been that long since the Tote Bag Revolution swept the nation, and the world, to overtake the checkout experience at grocery stores and retail outlets across the globe. It was a vicious revolution, and the repercussions still resonate in our daily lives. There are still those who look at their fellow humans with disdain when they see purchased goods placed in a plastic tote for transport home. To many, the mere existence of plastic totes is the bane of Mother Nature, and the harbinger of extinction for the planet itself. In the highly unbiased opinion of your humble blogger, canvas totes win the battle hands down. Not only can they be reused, they can be individualized to promote a favorite business or cause. But that’s not the only reason to choose canvas totes over plastic bags or larger plastic totes. To make the case for canvas totes, here’s a comparison between them and their nemesis, plastics: Environment and Durability • Canvas Totes: Once you purchase a canvas tote, it is yours to keep. You can take it with you on all your shopping trips, just like the faithful companion that it is. If the juice bottle leaks or the grapes get smashed, there’s no need to panic. A run through the wash cycle and your tote is as good as new. Many totes today are made from recycled materials, so in using it, you are protecting Mother Earth twice. • Plastic Bags: You carry your purchases home in the plastic bag, maybe reuse it once as a trashcan liner in the bathroom, and then you’re done with it. It has served its purpose in your life, and you discard it without a second thought. But that’s not the end of the plastic bag: It will continue to languish in a landfill for 400 years before finally decomposing. Price • Canvas Totes: True, you may have a higher outlay of cash when you purchase a canvas tote vs. a plastic one. But that minimal additional investment will pay for itself in short order. With canvas tote in hand, you no longer have to purchase plastic bags. Continued use of the canvas tote means you’re keeping the environment free of plastic, and your wallet full of cash. • Plastic Bags: You may think you’re getting those plastic checkout bags free or for a few paltry pennies. That may sound like a plus in their favor, but the merit of that argument soon fades in the light of the chilling truth. The store charges more for its goods to cover the cost of those “free” plastic sacks. You’re paying for them every time, multiple times over. You just don’t realize it. Carrying the Load • Canvas Totes: Think about this: How often do you get your load of groceries halfway into the house when you notice the handle on the plastic bag is slowing giving way? You don’t have this problem with a canvas tote. The sturdy strength of natural cotton fabric lets you carry heavy objects with confidence. You can also vary your carrying style to the over-the-shoulder transport. Try that with a flimsy plastic tote! • Plastic Bags: Think of those plastic bags filled with fruits, veggies, a couple of drink bottles, and a detergent bottle. Remember the sound it made when the drink bottles bounced down the stairs after the handle on the bag broke before you could get the door open? Just let that visual settle into your mind. Styling • Canvas Totes: Not only will your canvas tote transport your containers safely and securely, you can also make a distinctive, bold fashion statement while carrying it. Cotton canvas totes come in a huge array of colors and can be imprinted with your own logo, company brand, graphic illustration, or favorite saying. You can make a statement of your mood today or complement your outfit with the perfect shopping accessory. • Plastic Bags: You have to give fashion retailers credit; they do try to make their plastic bags original and appealing. Unfortunately, that screaming canary yellow with the neon pink lettering rarely complements any wardrobe. Conclusion: Now that you’ve got all this helpful information in your arsenal, you can boldly go forth into the crowded aisles of your local retail establishments with confidence. You can actively participate in the salvation of our Mother Earth by demonstrating your support of the canvas tote in its struggle against the landfill-hogging plastic tote. When you’re ready, Innovative Marketing and Design is here to help. Fight the good fight, my friend, and shop on.

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