Plastic vs. Canvas: The Battle of the Totes

Be honest: how many totes do you currently possess? It hasn’t been that long since the Tote Bag Revolution swept the nation, and the world, to overtake the checkout experience at grocery stores and retail outlets across the globe. It was a vicious revolution, and the repercussions still resonate in our daily lives. There are still those who look at their fellow humans with disdain when they see purchased goods placed in a plastic tote for transport home. To many, the mere existence of plastic totes is the bane of Mother Nature, and the harbinger of extinction for the planet … Continue reading

Logos and Brands: What History Can Teach Us

Every parent dreads the question: “Where do babies come from?” Once the subject is broached, we usually manage to get through it because it is a subject with which a parent is familiar. What does a graphic designer do when asked the question: “Where do logos come from?” In this case, it is an interesting question that can prove useful. A simple question can become a teachable moment about the history of designing and using logos. To track the history of logo designing is to track the history of business itself. To understand the role that logos and branding play … Continue reading

Ways Promotional Products Can Work for Your Business

There are few things that can top the ability of promotional products to attract new clients to your business or service, to increase your brand awareness and grow your business in the long term. We all know you have to spend money to make money. What may not be quite so clear is exactly what we’re supposed to be spending our money on. Spend it on promotional products, that’s what. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way of marketing your company or service to an incredibly large audience, without spending countless man hours to do it, then promotional products are … Continue reading

Promotional Giveaways That Are Sure to Please

Everyone loves trade shows, expos and conventions, because there are always businesses there promoting their products and brands. That means free promotional products people love. Those irresistible goodies help initiate conversations, which means you rack up the leads. The word spreads rapidly that your booth is the place to be. Trade show competition can be brutal, so you don’t want to show up with the usual printed pens or personalized notepads that everyone has. You want to be the booth with the memorable, trendy, creative, and cool promotional items. You want people to remember you, long after they’ve stocked up … Continue reading

Designing Your Own Logo: Dos and Don’ts

The process of designing your company’s logo is a bit more involved than just pasting a pretty picture onto a website or drawing an abstract image that looks attractive. For a logo to do what it’s supposed to do – make sense, draw the attention of your business’s intended audience, and set your company apart from the rest – there are many different things that have to be considered. We’ve put together a few dos and don’ts for those of you considering going it on your own to create that perfect logo for your business: DOs: • Know your audience. … Continue reading