Branding your Business with Innovative Marketing and Design

Running a successful business definitely involves offering a great product or service. However, more often than not, you need more than that. You want your product or service to stand out in the crowd, but you also need to be branded as a company. You want potential customers to see your brand and know exactly who you are. That is the mission of anyone: branding, and marketing their product to be come the next Nabisco. In order to achieve this level of notoriety, you need to get your product out there and ingrain your brand on potential customers. Marketing is … Continue reading

4 No Brainer Marketing Techniques

Attend a Tradeshow Tradeshows are an amazing place to distribute your brand message. They are not difficult to participate in and there is a tradeshow for almost every industry. There’s not much point investing all that money into a tradeshow if you’re not going with an explicit goal. Crystalizing why you are attending the tradeshow and then committing to a KPI (key performance indicator) and a budget will have big payoffs. Make your planning easier by making your tradeshow promotional purchases all at once. Give Away Useful SWAG (stuff we all gather) Speaking of tradeshows, the downside is they also have all … Continue reading

Create a Brand for Your Company

Running a successful business definitely involves offering a great product.  However, it is not just good to have a popular product.  You want your product to stand out from others, while at the same time, be branded so when potential customers see your brand, they know exactly who you are.  That is the mission of anyone in business: to brand and market their product and become the next Nabisco. You have to get your product out there and ingrain your brand on potential customers.  Marketing is the cornerstone to making or breaking your business.  Just like everything else today, marketing … Continue reading

Affordable Yet Innovative Ways to Get Your Brand Name Out There

There’s a saying in the business world: “Business with a capital “B,” and the “B” is for Branding.” What this means, essentially, is that branding is your business, and your business should be branding. Even businesses that entered into the marketplace selling high-quality merchandise for an affordable price still collapsed and failed because they did not focus on their brand. Your business’s brand is what makes customers remember you. It’s what keeps customers coming back. It’s what causes one friend to tell another friend, “Hey, did you know business X has great deals?” It’s what leads to memory recall when … Continue reading